Clear Touch Goes Over the Edge with St. Anthony’s Hospital Foundation


On August 17, 2013, St. Petersburg will make history for the St. Anthony’s Hospital Foundation when 100 community leaders rappel 20 stories down One Progress Plaza, the tallest building in St. Petersburg during St. Anthony’s Over the Edge.

Not only will participants be taken to new heights, but brands will be able to feature their name, products and services during this two-day, thrill-seeking fundraiser. An event as high profile and eye-catching as Over the Edge demands an equally aggressive marketing plan. So, St. Anthony’s Hospital Foundation and Over the Edge engaged The Clear Agency and Clear Touch to take brands to new heights with experiential and non-traditional strategies.

The Clear Agency and Clear Touch invites you to take your brand to new heights!
• Showcase your brand to thousands with experiential marketing.
• Have your product used, promoted, worn and endorsed by the rappelers live and on-site!
• Expose your brand by taking advantage of our network of social streams, preparation events, advertising co-op and public relations surrounding this once-in-a-lifetime event!


Tra-Digital VS. Non-Tradigital


Newspaper ads, radio spots and vintage tuxedos… we all love the sexiness and thrill of MadMen, but let’s face it, traditional advertising isn’t like it used to be. Don Drapers of the world have been replaced with analytical reporting tools. The question is no longer “How does my ad look?” but rather, “What was my CTR?” Newspaper ads, radio spots (and of course, vintage tuxedos) still deserve their due diligence, but as the industry evolves into the digital age, so must advertising professional.

Enter: the tra-digital agency.

At Clear, we understand and appreciate the benefit of traditional campaign management while progressing our strategies to fit the demands of the digital age. We’re not saying we won’t advertise in the newspaper, we’re just saying we’ll encourage you to buy a spot on their website, too! In every campaign we execute, be it product launch, brand advertisement or event promotion, we include a strong web and/or social aspect, helping our clients navigate the digital landscape while remaining true to our traditional roots…and that’s what makes The Clear Agency a tra-digital agency.


Clear Labs


At Clear, an ever-important goal of ours is to give back to our community. As a locally owned business, supporting fellow local businesses is also a core priority. Through Clear Labs, a 501(c)3, we merge these two passions.

As Tampa Bay’s advertising industry continues to grow, so does the number of youth who are interested in careers within our industry. Clear Labs allows us to help those currently in the industry and those looking to break into it. We recognize the challenges that less experienced professionals face in the job market today. So as part of our Clear Labs program, advertising students and interns perform under the direction of freelance designers and developers, who in turn, have access to work from our 4,000 square foot loft space at no charge.

In essence, this group of interns will become a business entity themselves, a functioning agency within an agency, being trained by tenured advertising professionals. Smaller businesses can then hire them as their “agency” at an extremely discounted agency rate.

kucera building

The Clear Agency Goes ‘Over the Edge’ for St. Anthony’s Hospital Foundation


The question is not how far you would go, but rather, how high you would go to benefit your community. St. Anthony’s Hospital Foundation is calling all philanthropists with a taste for adventure to join in their inaugural Over the Edge event on June 14th and 15th in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida.

Towering at 386 feet, One Progress Plaza stands as the tallest building in St. Petersburg. Participants will be pushed to their vertical limit, rappelling down the side of this landmark tower, while enjoying the gorgeous view of the very community St. Anthony’s Hospital serves. Along with the rappelling participants, the event is expecting support from local celebrity figures, athletes and national brands.

St. Anthony’s Hospital Foundation has teamed with advertising agency, The Clear Agency, to establish a successful Over the Edge event in St. Petersburg. Known for their extreme approach to branding, The Clear Agency is planning a high-profile event, attracting powerful brands to the community and gaining exposure for the St. Anthony’s Hospital Foundation.

Over the Edge participants are asked to raise a minimum of $1,000 to benefit St. Anthony’s Hospital Foundation – a 501 (c) 3 supporting organization. All participants must be 18 or older by the event date and weigh between 100 and 300 pounds.

For participation or sponsorship information, please contact Megan Singh at / (727) 489-2332 x 115.

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Clear Receives Telly Award for VISIT FLORIDA Campaign


Studio C, a social video production division of The Clear Agency, has added a Bronze Telly Award to their collection! Under the creative direction of Tim Fowler and Executive Direction of Agency CEO Jenn Greacen, the Three for Free Giveaway campaign gained national exposure to the VISIT FLORIDA brand along with this prestigious award.

The 33rd Annual Telly Awards received over 12,000 entries from all 50 states and 5 countries. Clear’s Studio C was awarded the Telly for their VISIT FLORIDA’s Three For Free Giveaway video which supported a sweepstakes delivered entirely via social media. DDB Miami/Alma DDB, a division of DDB Worldwide originally tapped The Clear Agency’s Studio C in a collaborative effort to develop the social media creative for the sweepstakes. Throughout the campaign, Clear AgencyStudio C managed all the creative for this high-profile, statewide sweepstakes from conceptualization to implementation which resulted in over a million hits onYouTube and an increase of Facebook ‘Likes’ by over 250,000.

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Look Who’s Trending…Oreo!

Advertisements have become as synonymous with The Super Bowl as football itself. But this year’s event set a new precedence for brands and marketers alike.

It was the blackout seen across the US – but it was the tweet “retweeted” around the world. Brands positioning themselves parallel to current events isn’t a new concept, but few (if any) have capitalized the way Oreo did during the 2013 Super Bowl blackout. A colleague of ours joked, “this would be a good time for a TECO ad”, but it wasn’t an electric giant that stole the show. Within minutes of the darkened Super Dome, Oreo tweeted a clever picture with the caption, You can still dunk in the dark (pictured above).

As with any successful strategy, a timeline must be established. The same holds true for your social strategy. One of the first initiatives we discuss with our clients is a social media content schedule, preparing them with engaging content to advance in. However, while certain events and holidays can be incorporated into your posting schedule, you can never plan for everything. While you may not have a creative team of designers on hand, you can tap into your own whit and industry expertise to create an impactful statement. Don’t think this trend applies to your business? Think again!

As with most things social, this trend has gone viral. Big brands are swarming current events, resulting in a much higher barrier of entry. Enter… the small business. While it may be difficult for a national brand to make an impact, small businesses can tap into their relatively targeted and limited audiences. Less social competition results in a higher reach.

Tips to get trending:

  • As in all things social – don’t be too eager or post too often. Your customers are smart, and while studies show they tend to trust your social pages over other marketing materials, you don’t want to spook them. Just because an event is taking place, doesn’t mean you need to flood your fans with commentary. Rather, focus on one instance that can be related and use this to post your message
  • Use a hashtag (#) when tweeting in relation to an event or mention the event in a Facebook post, both will increase your visibility and reach
  • Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, BE WITTY. It would have been appropriate for TECO to take advantage of the Super Bowl blackout, but less obvious for Oreo. Think outside of the box and get creative, chances are, these are the types of posts that will go viral
    We can help! Find us on Facebook or Twitter and ask us how we can help get you trending

Positioning Your Brand on Social Media

Positioning (v): “The process by which marketers create an image or identity in the minds of their target market.”
What does it come down to? Being memorable in front of who matters.



Megan Singh joined The Clear Agency as Digital Manager with a passion for social media and the goal of putting Clear and our clients on the map… virtually speaking of course.
In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Megan explains why you should give your brand a little love and try some new positioning on social media.

The doubters call it the “social media fad” and roll their eyes, but if you’ve read this far, you know better. Social media has taken the advertising world by storm, changing the way we reach our target audience, how we communicate with them and providing them with an outlet to talk right back to us. If you’re a numbers person, just look at the stats:

  • US Internet users spend 3x more time on social media and blogs than they do on email
  • The advertising budget spent on social media has nearly doubled in two years
  • 77% of B2C companies acquired customers via social media

Consumers are more educated today than they ever have been. A Facebook page isn’t just another version of your company’s website, rather, it becomes a reliable source based on your trusted friends that are also connected to that page. A recent study found that by the time a brand reaches a consumer, they are already 33% through the buying experience. How? They have already checked out your company’s Facebook page, tweets, blog and maybe even your Pinterest page…and if you don’t have any of the above, you’ve already lost credibility.

When it comes down to it, you need to be where your customers are, but take caution. Don’t just be on social media to be on it, rather, understand the benefits of each channel. Consider your target market and where they are and only join those platforms that are relevant to your business. Once you jump in, take a step back and listen. True social media success doesn’t come from talking about your brand; rather, it comes from listening to what your customers have to say. Twitter, for example, allows you to search what people are saying using hashtags (#), allowing you to hear what’s being said about you, your industry…even your competitors.

Like the 140-character limit on Twitter, there’s never enough room to cover social media. I’ve barely scratched the surface, but I hope to have helped you understand the importance of positioning your brand on social media. To discover what social media can do for your brand, email me at


“Why it’s Cool to Work at Clear” Jorge says…

jorgeMeet Jorge, Junior Designer here at The Clear Agency. Jorge joined us in January, 2013, lending a much-needed hand to our team. Whether we are creating webpages or billboards, we rely on Jorge to turn our ideas into masterpieces, but even the most gifted designers need a little inspiration.
In this edition of “Jorge says”, he explains where he recently found his inspiration… right outside of our building.

“Working at The Clear Agency has its perks, one of which is our location. Central Avenue is always busy and booming, my experience last week is proof of that…
I was walking my regular path to work, from my car to the loft, when I discovered a man on the street staring at a wall. He had paint-splattered jeans and long, pulled back hair. He looked puzzled and deep in thought.

I didn’t realize the concrete wall he was staring at was going to be his canvas. What I had observed was an artist getting into his grove, similar to how I get into mine..
He started around nine in the morning and was done by six in the evening. First he painted the walls solid colors, and then began to work his magic.

The art consists of six individual murals that stand tall, right outside of our building. They are each unique and very colorful. Now when I go to work I will stare at these murals and use them as inspiration.

Who knows what to expect on my way into work tomorrow. There is never a dull moment at The Clear Agency.”


Internationally Renown Biobag Engages the Clear Agency

BioBag, one of the world’s largest brands of certified compostable bags and films made from the material, Master-bi, has just contracted with THE CLEAR AGENCY to re-style the BioBag line of products.

THE CLEAR AGENCY offers a wide variety of marketing solutions, advertising, design, digital and public relations services and was chosen to implement a new brand across all BioBag products in North, Central and South America.

BioBag is internationally renown for it’s dedication to improving the Earth. The new packaging for BioBag comes at a perfect time, right when consumers are increasingly looking for Earth-friendly products and so many green-washing products are surfacing in the market. For over 10 years, BioBag has held true to their goal of ‘Changing the World’, without changing the Earths’ working to provide consumers & communities across the America’s with a diverse range of responsible products. For more information about BioBag and composting, visit


Shark Tank Survivor Nardo’s Natural Taps the Clear Agency

St. Petersburg, Florida – October 2, 2012 – The Clear Agency, a boutique advertising agency located in downtown St. Petersburg Florida has been named agency of record by organic skincare line Nardo’s Natural.

Made famous by the trifecta effect of an effective organic product, 4 handsome brothers and national media appearances including The Bachelor, Good Morning America and Shark Tank, Nardo’s Natural produces a wide range of organic and all natural skincare products under the philosophy, luxury spa products in the comfort of your own home. Nardo’s Natural is used exclusively at notable area spas as the Don CeSar, Spa Oceana, Longboat Key Club and Resort and the Vinoy Renaissance Resort and Golf Club.

“With our recent media celebrity still a buzz, we know the time was right to capitalize with additional marketing efforts seriously,” The Clear Agency has an outstanding track record, all the right strategic channels, and the creativity to take our brand to the next level.” says Nardo’s Natural Vice President Danny Mastronardo. “We reviewed several agencies local and outside of our area but in the end decided working with a local team was important, as we are ourselves homegrown and produce a local product.”

The Clear Agency was selected after a review and named the Agency of Record for the brand. Details of the retainer figures are limited for publication due to investor agreements. However, Nardo’s Natural spokeswoman and ABC’s Shark Tank “Shark” investor Barbara Corcoran, issued a statement stating “The time is now for Nardo’s Natural to invest heavily in their marketing and retail strategies and we have positioned the company with the resources it needs to see great success this year.”
With increasing distribution and growing awareness for Nardo’s Natural, The Clear Agency will be responsible for marketing Nardo’s Natural thru both traditional and digital platforms and will work in experiential marketing to design community engagement.

The Clear Agency Executive Director Jenn Greacen stated, “It’s quite an exciting time for Nardo’s Natural, we’re delighted to partner with them and expect to see exponential growth for both them and our agency as a result of our efforts in the next 12 months.”

Nardo’s Natural is committed to providing the very best in organic skin care products. Nardo’s Natural products are organically preserved and loaded with powerful nutrients, antioxidants and provide skin-rejuvenating qualities. Paraben-free, sulfate-free, cruelty-free, and free of any harmful or hazardous preservatives. For more information, visit

The Clear Agency is a full-service advertising agency focused on building working partnerships and providing results driven services; media, strategic marketing, digital, experiential, social and of course creative. For more information, please visit