• 3% Conference Super Bowl Tweetup 2015

3% Conference Super Bowl Tweetup 2015

Clear Labs is one of five agencies across the country selected to participate in the 3% Conference Super Bowl Tweetup this year.

The 3% Conference is collaborating with the Representation Project in an effort to shine light on female creatives in the advertising industry and the discrepancies between how women are portrayed in the media, especially during commercials running throughout the Super Bowl. Super Bowl ads often portray women in a very sexualized or degrading manner, and for a market that the NFL estimates is made up of 45% women it is not only sexist, but bad marketing strategy.

By using the hashtags: #3percentSB, #NotBuyingIt, and #MediaWeLike Clear Labs along with 4 other agencies across the country will be able to monitor which ads scored “touchdowns” and which ads were “fumbles”.

Viewers are encouraged to tweet along side us and download their version of the Super Bowl XlIX Tweetup score card to share their opinion of the Super Bowl ads.

For more information on Clear Lab’s participation the 3% COnference and Representation Project’s Super Bowl Tweetup visit the link below.



Introducing the Lab

Clear LabsCollaboration, mentorship, and fun are essential to great creative and innovation.

So we developed Clear Labs. A space for creating, collaborating, sharing, and growth.

Clear Labs provides a totally free work space creative freelance professionals. Here, Freelancers find everything they need for success, from the desk space in an all Mac environment, conference room, phone lines, WiFi,  even coffee and Red Bull are available for the cost of ZERO dollars per month.

In return, we ask that our freelancers provide mentorship for associates (interns) who are growing and learning in our lab environment. Having experienced creatives navigating the freelance space is essential to new newbies entering their creative professions.

Let’s not forget about collaboration! By hosting different creative skill-sets in our lab, we’re able to provide our freelancers with another pair of eyes, or a completely different point-of-view.  A web developer may find some design inspiration from an illustrator,  photographers mingle with copywriters, video editors work with graphic designers. Through the lab they are all able to work on projects together and create a superior product. All while giving back to our creative community.




Our partnership with 2013 Emmy Nominated TRAVEL THRU HISTORY just got more exciting with the announcement of our final approved broadcast syndication schedule.

TRAVEL THRU HISTORY will air Saturdays at 1:30PM on:


Beyond broadcast commercial time we are also offering immediate opportunities in:


*** All include full support in production



First airing date in June.


Meeting the Spring Class of 2014 Interns!


Say hello to the Spring Class of 2014 Interns!

Representing the University of Tampa and The University of South Florida our new associates (interns) Ashton, Trent, David, Eduarda and Lisa have jumped into the deep end of creative education with the The Clear Agency. Over the next four months, they will Learn and develop skills including account management, design, production, video, and our new projection mapping products.  Additionally, they will learn the entire account management process from start to finish by identifying and selling “clients” (local restaurants) for our Will Create for Food Program. We’re glad to be hosting some of the best talent in the Tampa Bay area.

David Gonzalez, Major: Graphic Design; Talents: Guitar, drums, reaching high shelves; Favorite Movie: Old Boy (Original); Most Irrational Fear: Finding your toothbrush is wet.. before you used it; My hope for the future: To just be happy doing whatever I am doing. No stress – Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Eduarda Castro, School: University of South Florida; Major: Advertising; Talents: Drawing (and being awesome); What did you hate most about high school? The first semester of freshman year, when I still didn’t know how to speak English. #foreignpeopleproblems; Favorite Movie: Toy Story

Lisa Aquilino, School: University of Tampa; Major: Film & Media Arts; Talents: Photography; Where’s the furthest place you’ve visited? Maui, Hawaii; My hope for the future: To be a bad ass feature film editor

Ashton Morlote, School: University of South Florida; Major: Advertising; Talents: I’m a good Soccer player. And anything athletic really; Favorite Movie: Superbad

Trent Bellet, School: University of South Florida; Major: Mass Communications & Studio Art; Talents: The ability to be in two places at once (I’m a twin); Favorite Movie: Coraline; My hope for the future: Be happy doing what I love and to inspire others. Having a hover-board would be pretty cool too.


The Clear Agency wins another Telly Award!


The Clear Agency wins another Telly Award!

This time was to celebrate our campaign supporting Yogurtology “Happiness” (Aren’t sweet treats always happy?).  For 35 years Telly Awards honors the very best film & video productions, groundbreaking online video content and outstanding local, regional & cable TV commercials and programs.

Pixel Rain Logo

Studio C is Making it “Rain!”

Pixel Rain Logo

Making it Rain – Pixels that is.

Studio C and Pixel Rain Digital, a projection mapping design firm have announced their official partnership and exclusive agency relationship with The Clear Agency. The partnership is a joint venture agreement between Studio C’s partners Jenn Greacen and Joe Russo, and Pixel Rain Digital’s partners James Fastiggi and Jason Lashley. By pulling their resources, both companies expect to expand their services and capabilities and continue to provide bad-ass production.

Brands are looking for more than a commercial – they want an entire production team and there is a lot of noise out there, especially with social media. You don’t just want to turn on the TV, you want to put on a show then ensure people are wowed to share it and go viral.” – Jenn Greacen

Pixel Rain Digital is a team of talented digital artists from our backyard of St. Petersburg. They specialize in larger-than-life projects with exceptional organization and execution.

Capabilities include:

  • Projection mapping:
    • Architectural
    • Indoor/Outdoor Surfaces
    • Interactive Storefronts/ Kiosks
    • Stage Design for Corporate, Special Events, Concerts and Theater
    • Media Production: 2D/3D Motion Graphics/ Animation
    • Video editing
    • Project Installation/ Operation
    • A/V Equipment: Rentals, Projection Technicians
    • Projection Consultation
    • Live VJ Production/ Operation for Special Event

Check out more of Pixel Rain Digital’s work here!




Google Algorithms Hate your Ads..At the Top

Google Algorithms Hate your Ads…at the Top

The never-ending changes to Google’s algorithms continue, and if you’re a web developer you might have to modify your site’s layout.

The newest algorithm changes updated on February 6th are called “Top Heavy algorithm”. As you can guess, Google will be penalizing websites that have too many advertisements towards the top of their pages. The reasoning behind this update is simple: When someone visits a website, they want to see the content and images immediately. Having an advertisement “distract” the visitor is detrimental to both the visitor and the advertiser. Imagine this real world example (maybe it’s happened to you already).

You go to your favorite sports website and the first thing you see is a web banner for the newest fitness video craze. The banner takes up a majority of your viewing screen, so you have to scroll down to read the news you want to. Every news article you click features this web banner. After reading a few articles, you begin to get annoyed at not only the web banner, but the actual product itself. Now every time you see an advertisement for that product, those associated negative feelings resurface. Next thing you know, you begin telling your friends how much you hate that product, even though you’ve never tried it! (Make sense?)

The recent Google algorithm update will force web developers to place their advertisements more strategically, benefitting both the visitor and the advertiser. Pay close attention to where you see ads on your favorite websites. You may start to see them change their layout in the coming weeks.


The Clear Agency’s Design Wins PPC Award



BIO BAG International, the world’s largest brand of certified compostable bags and films was recently awarded the Boxmaker Award for the 2013 North American Paperboard Packing Council for their “Pet Waste Bags”.

The design of the packaging was created by our very own talented Clear Agency Team.

The Clear Agency worked with Bio Bag International, a fully compostable Biodegradable waste product system made entirely of corn for the production of several new packaging concepts to bring to the United States including these pup friendly doggy waste bags.

The North American Paperboard Packing Council judges entries based on several categories including creative design, printing and converting, and structural design. The Council also judges based on the package’s impact on production, manufacturing, distribution, brand enhancement, retail shelf life and other criteria as well.

The Boxmaker Award is awarded to packages that received a high overall point score according to PPC judging criteria. BioBag’s packaging received the Award alongside other winners like Budweiser Lumber Jack, Bacardi Bombay Sapphire Canister, Game of Thrones, Vitoria’s Secret and L’oreal.

Bio Bag’s products are recognized for their environmentally friendly manufacturing and design. The materials used have been certified in several categories including ASTM D 6400 and is FDA approved. For over 10 years Bio Bag has dedicated their business to providing environmentally friendly products for consumers.

Valentine's Day for Website

Remarketing: Spread the love!

Valentine's Day for Website

As we close in on Cupid’s holiday, we’re flooded with pictures, statuses, and ads on our favorite websites that remind us not to forget and end up in the doghouse. These ads are there to support our buying patterns to plan ahead for your special someone (or help you to order something last minute – don’t worry we won’t tell).

But what we’re really seeing is the power of search engine marketing.

Thanks to your “friends and followers” on Facebook and Twitter, Valentine’s Day and related content are prominently displayed on your news feed.  As you “like” and “retweet” status updates and begin your Valentine’s Day search, marketers are adapting their positioning based on your search history through a process called “Remarketing”.  Remarketing is a great tool to use to place your product in front of customers who are more likely to click. After all, a customer who doesn’t have a Valentine isn’t likely to buy flowers or chocolate! (Unless it’s a gift to themselves, in which case we approve).

The more you search or like items that show your buying tendencies or interest (say chocolates or flowers), the more you’ll see ads for them.  Don’t worry, as Valentine’s Day passes and your searches resume to your normal browsing history, you’ll see ads on websites you frequently visit change.

With so many reminders out there, there is no excuse to forget this year. Happy Valentines Day!

Want to learn more? We found a video Google made (we love Google) which explains Remarketing simply.