Content is King!

You may have heard “Content is King”.
Content is what you use to grab your audience and keep them interested. Without fresh content people will become bored or worse yet, never engage. One aspect of content is a trending theme towards conveying perceived experiential. That is an experience that you see on TV or online and feel a similar type of feelings being conveyed in the commercial.

We all operate with an emotional data base. It’s a record bank of memories and feelings. Sight, sound, touch, taste call bring memories back to you as if they were yesterday. But what happens when those same senses can recall a memory of something you just simply viewed as a second hand participant?

A relevant experience can be found in the history of our own work for Yogurtology. This family friendly soft serve yogurt brand was launching several new stores and wanted to make a big impact on the experiences of others.

We partnered with non other than Ryan Lochte, Olympic Swimming Great and named flavors after him to benefit his charities. We then had Ryan go to family’s homes and deliver them the two new flavors. Ryan Lochte  ryanlochte  on Twitter

Traveling by Limo from home to home, he would arrive, cameras in tow of course, and visit, laugh, play and even sit down with the families in their own living rooms as he shared his Yogurtology frozen yogurt flavors.

Now while only a few lucky homes and families got to experience Ryan first hand, as our videos released the viewers at home and via digital channels were able to experience it and feel similar emotions of happiness, joy, and comfort seeing the smiles and emotion from these surprise home visits. h2

When you form your content around a very specific feeling, whether it’s happy, sad or exciting, if you can give a person a perceived experience directly with you, they are sure to impact that connection in their emotional data base.

Check out this video to see exactly what we are talking about.

Its Film Festival Season

As the 10th Annual Gasparilla International Film Festival approaches and we are preparing for the exciting public unveiling of Carmelita’s Rum, we are also reminiscing of

GIFF 2014- The year we “made magic”

It’s a Gold and Silver for Clear Labs!

The Projection event was part of the “You are my Sunshine City” multi-media campaign for the City of St. Petersburg. The Sunrise Skyscraper combined art, projection mapping technology, and social media engagement to create an interactive experience power by participants #sunshinestpete posts. With every hash-tag submitted by the engaged audience, the comments and pre-collected images would project across the 28 story canvas that included a sun, rising to the top of the building by midnight. Over 1500 posts were collected using this hash-tag and projected over the 3 night installation. Also projected were over 50 custom created animations and a collection of images submitted to Instagram by citizens and lovers of St. Pete.

The ADDY Awards is the world’s largest advertising competition with over 5,000,000 entries annually. Clear labs received a Silver Addy for Out-of-Home and Ambient Media/ Event and, a Gold Addy for Elements of Advertising/ Most Innovative Use of Interactive Technology.

The Gold Addy will progress to the District Addy awards in May. The District Addy’s will be hosted this year in Tampa and will see competition from over 1500 agencies and we could not be more excited to be part of such an exciting competition. Congratulations to all who won, and good luck at Districts!


There’s a Seat at the Lab With Your Name (Almost) On It!

waiting roomWorking from home sounds nice, but sometimes you need an office that is away from all of the distractions in your life…without being stuffy. So, Clear Labs takes the suit and tie executive space and throws it out the window!

We’re a co-working space in the heart of the Grand Central District of St. Pete and for one LOW rate, you get to work in the coolest office space in the area. With included business and personal amenities, utilities, production support and access to equipment, it’s the ultimate environment for business professionals.Conference room

Bonus! It’s just super cool here.

Transform how you conduct your business. Host a client meeting or presentation. Use our conference room to give you an aura of professionalism with a flair of modern creativity.

Need someone to bounce ideas off of? Look to your side and talk with another freelancer who is willing to lend an ear. Need a little extra help with a project? We have interns eager to learn and can provide that extra set of hands and refreshing perspective.

At Clear Labs, we don’t just incubate, we Co-LabR8! We’re more than a group of freelancers who just so happens to be sharing a space. We’re a community that supports each other, leans on each other and grows together. And the best part? We have seats readycandles to share with your name (almost) on it!

Open seats start at just $125.00 per month and include 24/hour security access

Dedicated desks available for $250.00 per month.

For more information, contact

Take Flight with Clear Labs


Clear Labs will make just about anything happen for a client. Just ask Fitlife Foods. When they came to us looking for an extremely fun way to get people active and healthy, we thought big and dreamed up a 120 yard, 360 foot zip line that would run down nearly 4 city blocks of downtown Tampa. We had a DJ, rock wall and an after party event as well. But we couldn’t do it alone. To bring this innovative feat to a reality, we partnered with our favorite event gurus at Big City events in Tampa. Together, we combined our big ideas with an enormous amount of resources and project management and made Fitline hugely successful. We had a phenomenal turnout and everyone had a blast. We are so honored that we had the opportunity to bring this crazy event to life. We had so much fun at the Fitline event and cannot wait to take the flight again.


Browse photos from the event by clicking here

Watch our fearless leader, Jenn Greacen fly across downtown Tampa:

The Sun Never Sets in St. Pete. And We Proved it.


Even at night st. pete shines

Many have asked and so we will answer. How did you do it?

It all started with an idea. A big idea. A 28 story idea.

A towering downtown building. Motion graphics over 15,000 square feet and 100,000 lumens. Powered by live interactive social media posts using the highly trackable hasthag, #sunshinestpete. The problem with great ideas…sometimes the client says yes.

We had the idea, so now we had to make it a reality.

Step one – assemble the team. Everyone at Clear Labs helped with this massive project from designers, programmers, animators, to even some of the interns. We partnered with an experienced event company, Big City Events, and an experienced lighting and display company, Bay Stage Live. Together, we embarked on the project of the year.

Step two – get the okay from the building and the parking garage on the next block. It wasn’t hard. After explaining our vision to the owners of the Priatek building, the tallest building in St. Pete, they quickly got on board. What’s better than having the tallest building in the city? Having the whole city look up at it in amazement.

Step three – Produce the graphics, animations, and procure hardware to handle a 28 story project. Program an aggregator to collect the live social media posts, and line up a crew that included lighting, grips, IT specialists, lighting experts and of course security. Overall, 17 sets of hands and over 700 hours went into the event. All the little details came together to produce the spectacular final project. Luckily, we had a lot of badass individuals helping us and a client that was as eager to get things moving. The projection was ready to go live.

Step four – put on one hell of a show for three nights straight. From September 25 to 27, from sundown to midnight, Clear Labs and partners put on a projection event that the City of St. Pete will never forget. Over 1500 social media posts driven by locals using #sunshinestpete, media coverage, and 3 nights of animated art to entertain an entire City makes this project as bright as we dreamed.


For more information about the event, follow these links:

ABC Action News Coverage:


Projection Facebook Event Page


You are My Sunshine Campaign Launch Article


St. Petersburg Concert Event

The St. Petersburg casting call concert event, May 9th 4-10PM

The city of St. Petersburg, Clear Labs, Sly Bar, Urban Brew, The Hideaway and Three Daughters Brewery will hold a free concert event on May 9th between 4 and 10 PM.  Live music, food and drinks will be available. Come cheer some of St. Petersburg’s finest musical talent as they compete for cash prizes and a recording contract to promote the city!

Fitlife, Yogurtology and Clear Labs

Yogurtology and Fitlife Foods are Taking Flight!

Congratulations to two Clear Labs clients who have received the highly coveted invitation to open their doors to travelers in the Tampa International Airport!

After the airport noted there were few local Tampa Bay operators present in the main terminal’s food court, they decided to expand and renovate the area so they could include just a few of Tampa’s best chain concessions.

Fitlife Foods and Yogurtology, two beloved chains in the Tampa/St. Pete area, were among the few chosen alongside other local and national brands. Fitlife Foods will open a new concession in Airside C and share a location with Yogurtology in Airside F, TIA’s third most trafficked airside. This project is projected to be fully finished in 2017.

Brand awareness is critical to any brand’s success but for a multi location or growing franchise its essential. In order for consumers to know and recognize the brand, they first need to be aware that it exists! Not to mention all those prospective new location franchise owners.

At an estimated 16.6 million passengers per year, TIA is the perfect location for these two brands to promote themselves not only to the Tampa Bay area, but the millions of people from all over the world who will be consuming their product.

This opportunity for Fitlife Foods and Yogurtology is absolutely fantastic and we could not be happier for our clients.

We wish them the best of luck and look forward to the success and attention this will bring to their brand.


Casting Call St Petersburg

We’re Casting Sunshine for St. Pete!


The City of St. Petersburg is showing the nation that St. Pete rocks with a music contest for their latest campaign.

Musicians in the St. Petersburg community are invited to share their love for the Sunshine City’s music scene by auditioning to perform unique versions of the classic song, “You Are My Sunshine” at a live, battle-of-the-bands style competition. The winning artist will be featured in the City’s inaugural national advertising campaign, showcasing the sounds of the Sunshine City. In St. Pete, the sun shines every day – show how St. Pete shines for you through song!

“Everyone loves the Sunshine City, and if you’re a musician, this is your chance to show us just how much,” says the City’s Mayor Rick Kriseman. “I encourage all citizens to play their version of this classic song for our city. No matter your musical ability, we want to hear from you.”

A promotional video, featuring Mayor Kriseman has launched featuring the Mayor singing his own rendition of the song.

Musicians who are interested in entering the, “You Are My Sunshine” Music Contest must complete the entry submission form by May 4, 2015 at: which is an extended deadline from the original May 1.

Entry submissions should include a video of the artist performing, which may be a newly created video or a link to a prior created band/artist reel. Finalists must agree to participate in the official recording studio session if selected as a winner.

Finalists will be notified and invited to play before a live audience of local community members and celebrity judges between 4:00-10:00 p.m. on May 9 at Sly Bar, 2061 Central Ave.

Along with a place in the City of St. Petersburg’s promotional campaign, winners will receive a $500 cash prize, master publishing rights on their rendition of “You Are My Sunshine,” and a recording studio session.

“We love our community, and we want to give local artists the chance to showcase how St. Pete shines for them by participating in this campaign,” says Jenn Greacen, executive director of CLEAR Labs, the City’s current advertising agency of record.


The Value of a ‘Like’

Chances are if your business has a social media presence you have been told you need to get them, but how much is a ‘like’ really worth?

There are a couple of factors that go into the value of a ‘like’.

1) Consider your platform. A like on Facebook is much more valuable to your business than a like on Instagram or Twitter because it ensures that user is more likely to see your future posts.

However, ‘Pins’ on Pinterest and “Re-Tweets” on Twitter give your business a greater opportunity to reach a larger audience with every post, increasing exposure, engagement, and perhaps, followers.

2) Content is King. A like is only as valuable as what content you provide your audience after they decide to ‘like’ or follow’ you. Whether you use word of mouth, paid campaigns, or organic content to boost your base audience, you will still need to provide content that your target market will enjoy, otherwise you are destined for the mass exodus of your followers via the dreaded ‘un-like’.

3) Go Organic. A ‘like’ is much more powerful if it is gained organically. There are several features on different social media platforms that will allow you to gain likes quickly or prompt users to ‘like’ your page. However, if your target audience doesn’t identify with your brand and your audience isn’t engaging with your messaging you aren’t truly getting the most bang for your buck. Your fans or followers that choose to follow you based on the content you provide consistently, and are willing to share that content with their friends are an invaluable asset to your brand and can be hard to find.

Clear Labs has a team of experts skilled in creating Social Media campaigns based on consistently generating great content, and provide an extension of your brand’s voice that drives future customers. If you are interested in how we can help improve your brand’s online presence stop by, email us at, or give us a ring at 727-289-7204.

Oh, and don’t forget to like us on Facebook.