Being an intern at CLEAR LABS has been such a great learning experience. The way you are treated is almost like family. You aren’t even really an intern; you are called an Account Associate, and are treated as a contributing team member. This can at first be overwhelming. On the first day, our Director gave me projects for that day and others to be worked on throughout my time here all aimed at teaching and helping me grow. These are some of the things I learned. IMG_2293

1. Always say yes.
Every thing at an internship is an experience. Theses experiences can help you prepare for the real world or open your eyes to see that this isn’t right for you. Regardless always say yes. If you are asked if you want to sit in on a meeting, or to handle a project that seems overwhelming or create something that you know nothing about, say yes. You can always ask for help but that trial and error and experiences can help form you into the person you want to be.

2. Ask and you may receive
There are always new and exciting projects and clients coming through our doors here. Some may intrigue you more than others and our Director is a big fan of self-initiative and self-learning. So if you see a project that you think is cool or a client that you want to know more about (or even a colleague of hers) don’t be afraid to ask. If I ask and the time is right she has no problem with doing that for you.

3. Don’t sit around.
There will occasionally be some times where you finished your daily tasks and you’re just sitting around. I mean, where do you think I found time to write this blog. Instead of taking your phone out and playing games, be proactive! Start creating content for next months Facebook posts or look what there is to do on the traffic chart. If you’re feeling really brave you can ask our Director if she wants you to do anything, but be ready to handle a big task. Conference room

4. Great idea, make it happen
We love to brainstorm and shoot around ideas on campaign slogans, promo ideas, places to do events and thing of that nature. Occasionally you’ll have a really good idea and shout it out. You better be careful though, our Director loves those ideas but its up to you to figure out the logistics of it and how to actually bring that good idea to life.

5. Carrie is your best friend.
Our director has a right hand woman and her name is Carrie. She has been working under our Director for almost two years now and has a feel for her personal style and the way she likes to execute things. So if our director isn’t here ore you just have a question, she is your Google. She’s also great with editing software and a delightful person to talk to.

6. Observe first, question later
There may be things that seem inefficient or pointless to do at your time as an intern. Usually though there’s a method to the madness. Instead of coming off unaware and uneducated on a topic by giving advice for a process you know nothing about. Sit back, observe and then make a suggestion abut efficiency. Then your opinion will be valued more highly and you can make a name for yourself.

7. Goal, then idea
There’s a lot of work in the execution and development of a campaign or promotion. However it’s easy to get caught in what our Director calls the “idea hamster”. That’s where you basically just come up with idea after idea after idea but no real solution to your goal. You have to really concentrate on what your goal is and what you want and figure out how to execute it. photo

8. Focus and Direction
This is another important aspect that you learn at your internship and can be applied to all your future jobs. You need to have a sense of focus, whether completing a task, staying on brand, or creating a new brand identity you need a sense of focus to reach your goal. Direction is also important because what use is it being focused in the wrong direction. You need to know which way to head before you can focus to achieve your goal.

9. Ask questions
Like I mentioned above its important to observe first before you offer improvements. What if you don’t understand the process or why they do things and dot have any input. That’s ok too, you need to ask questions to learn and grow Jenn is more than happy to explain why she does something or her reasoning behind her decision-making. It additionally shows that you are interested in you work and is a powerful tool to help you become more knowledgeable and eventually offer improvements.

10. Have a sense of humor
Jenn is one of the most charismatic and upbeat people you will ever work for, and with that comes all her energy. You’ll need to know that sometimes you need to be able to take a joke. She lets you see that even in a position like hers its not all just work. Sometimes you just have to let loose and have some fun, joke around, shoot Nerf guns and just have a good time.
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