Is your site ready to help you achieve your 2017 Goals?

January is a time for a fresh start. Goals are set. Resolutions are made (and broken). For your business, it’s a great time to evaluate your progress and position.

Where are you now and where do you want to be?

This evaluation often comes with the inevitable punch list of to do’s.
Changes to be made and new tactics to deploy. If your website is part of this list, remember to stop and ASK WHY BEFORE figuring out the HOW.

“We are often drawn to the things we can change now, most immediately in that list. The things that are in front of us that bugged us the most like a design issue or content that didn’t flow just right. But making these changes won’t help you achieve your business and marketing goals. Before making a punch list and putting too much emphasis on the obvious issues, stop and consider the big picture” says Jenn Greacen, Director at Clear Labs and Branding Strategist.

• When you started your website/ business- what did you hope it would achieve for you?

(Brochure for credible validation or to conduct transactionary business)

• How is that goal aligned with your goals now?

• Has anything changed- if so- what?

• How is your website working for you now?

• How are you measuring your results?

“Once you know what you need your site to actually achieve for you, you can focus your punch list on those items that are most directly going to impact your goals”

Here are the top 3 items you should consider to aid in your website based on possible goals:

If your site is for conversions (E-commerce or a service marketplace) :

Fitts’s law is all about the importance of eye flow- size, distance, and the way we as humans interact with targets as a function of the distance to and size of the target- in this case it can be applied to the digital experience. Implementing changes using this law to items including Buttons, margins, pop up menus, and call to actions can significantly increase conversions.

    2. Take a trust fall.

Sales guru Zig Ziglar once said that there are only 4 reasons why people won’t buy from you:

• no need,

• no money,

• not in a hurry,

• no trust.

You can’t do much about the first 3 reasons, but you can build trust. Add trust elements to your website (reviews for example from satisfied customers) and see your conversions increase.

    3. A/B Testing.

Page Layout and Navigation. The offer. The flow of your information. Use the data available to you to spot the most important projects to focus on. Google Analytics is a great (FREE) tool that can help you determine your consumers preferences. And never stop testing- once you have a winning page- move on to the next then return to the old. What works today may not work tomorrow. So plan for this to be an ongoing ever-experimental part of a successful conversion driven site.

If your site is a brochure for validation and credibility (vanity site):

    1. Do you have an upfront and clear value proposition? Many marketers try to improve results by changing page elements like font colors and sizes, button shapes, images, incentives, and so on, when the first step should really be focusing on strengthening their value propositions.

If your home page or the product page says “Welcome!” or lists just the name of your company or the product, you’re missing out. Note that there is a difference between the value proposition for your company and your product. You must address both.

The legendary ad guru David Ogilvy once said: “On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. It follows that, if you don’t sell the product in your headline, you have wasted 80% of your money.”

And don’t forget to cut the jargon. Clarity trumps persuasion. Always.

    2. Testimonials, Experience, and Certifications. These need to be upfront and personal- not buried in pages or drop down menus for people to have to search and find them. Tell everyone how great you are- upfront.
    3. An easy way to contact you. Google loves contact information in the upper right hand corner of yoru site, and in the footer. Guess what? So do your customers. Make it easy for potential clients, to call, email, linked in and Facebook friend you upfront. Close and personal.

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