Summer’s here. Sunny days and warm weather craft the perfect recipe for

spending nearly every waking hour outside. This begs the question…


In the world of co-working, which season is better for spaces, Summer or Winter?


On one hand, the Winter is when the kids are in school and business is in full swing.

On the other, Summer is a huge travel season and a great time to for people on the

go to utilize the resources “drop in” co-working provides.


Then there’s the location factor. If you’re lucky enough to be one of those coastal

locations where the local economy is dependent on tourism,You become prisoner

to the tides (pun intended). Maybe you have a ski run or national park out your

back door? Your residency might just be of a transient nature always churning .


“Summer here in Florida is a mixed bag”, says Jenn Greacen, founder and operator

of Clear Labs in St. Petersburg Florida. “The Florida heat is relentless so people

either get out of town and up to the mountains or they are (working) indoors. It

creates a feast or famine attendance ratio not dissimilar to general business and

economics around our area. When people are in town they are working hard

cranking it out and when they are gone- its radio silent. We definitely see a more

consistent traffic pattern September to May and yes, that is when we get more

visitors from the cold weather states.”

Dennis Lankes, Founder of Proximity Space in Telluride Colorado feels the shifts as

well, “Western Colorado is a year round tourist economy. That being said we see

different kind of coworkers at different season in the year. The winter brings all the

skiers and first time visitors so we see quite a few daily drop ins and weekly

warriors. They come and contribute to the vibe but they are only with us for a short

time. It is a nice bump to our financial bottom line but it rarely adds that real spark

of growth. The summers however are when we see our new transplants to the

area. People discover the area in the winter and come to make it their home in the

summer. That is where we see the REAL contribution to our community and our

coworking space.”


Huffington Post reports that 40% of all workers will be co-workers by 2020 and

only 30% of current co-workers will work a “regular business days and hours”.




This combined with the fact that a staggering 78% of co-workers are under the age

of 40, footloose and fancy free, its no wonder co-working spaces see so many

wanderlust travelers walking through the door to use the high speed internet, share

some ideas and mix and mingle with other like minded workers in cities throughout

the country (and world).


From France to Dubai, Russia to Thailand, International coworking spaces abound

and welcome travelers and those living the true freedom based work lifestyle. shared the story of Jay Meistrich, founder of tech to do list and

his work/ travel lifestyle that is becoming more common than unconventional.


Now Working From Home Can Be Working While Seeing the World


Paris co-working spot “Cosy Corner” (one of more than 30) provides free coffee,

tea, freshly squeezed juices and home baked cakes along with personal storage

lockers, high speed internet and even a library. American user Sarah Spicer says

“It’s part of my slice of heaven. I have the best spots marked on my travels around

Europe. It makes staying in touch with my freelance practice practical and

convenient while getting the most of a life of (summer) travel.”

So, the answer to the question is…….There is no season or location, that truly does

better than another. It just flips and flops from coast to coast which is

understandable when you recognize the nature of the co-working space and the

freedom it provides for its user.


And, yes, it’s rising with the tides.





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