The Price of Celebrity

Think Michael Jordan and you may think Nike, Gatorade, or Hanes. William Shattner will inspire you to up your negotiation game ala Priceline while Sex in the City’s Sarah Jessica Parker attempted to make Gap a fashion forward choice.

But Bill Cosby was the famous face and voice for Jell- Uh- Oh.

And Tiger Woods took a swing at endorsements but led over 10 brands (who were using him all at the same time) like Tag Heuer, American Express, Gillette, and Buick into the sand trap.

In 2013- our own CLEAR LABS hired Ryan Lochte for Yogurtology to launch a new line of flavors and give to charity with success.

But three years later, Lochte is fighting for his name and fame after the RIO 2016 scandal. Pine Bros. Cough drop company decided he was Gold immediately thereafter deciding he should be a spokesperson for the – ahem- “forgiving on your throat” product. CLEAR still loves working with Ryan (for the record) But, it made us take a deeper look into the risks and benefits of celebrity endorsements.


Pros (and we’re not talking sports)
• Can help Build brand equity and enhance recognition
• Can help give a product credibility
• Help people remember ads
• Connect to a personality or perception
• Make people believe the product contributes to their own superstar status.
• Stand out from the competition
Con’s (be careful- some are)
• People change. Your brand may be forever linked to that “used to be great” person
• People are people and people do stupid things.
• Limits to the brand pivot. You are forever aligned with that personality- or at least it takes a long time to convince people otherwise
• Your brand can be forgotten under the shadow of the celebrity


Okay, so lets say you weighed out the pro’s and cons and decided it was worth the plunge.
Your brand is your company asset. Don’t give it away to anyone. Advertisers need to select celebrities who represent the image and promise of their brands- well. Very well. One size wont fit all.

For example, when Sarah Jessica Parker signed with GAP her role on Sex in the City presented her as a style diva- haute couture- bring on the shoe closet. This didn’t relate to Gap’s consumers. They quickly replaced her with Keith Urban but oh the cost of that change.

Will you make money? No doubt the value of a celebrity endorsement can be recognized in terms of a sales spike. But it wont come cheap. It takes time and repetition for association to occur. Celebrity endorsements are not short-term tactics. And thus, they are often costly in dollars and cents.

Most advertisers can’t afford the millions of dollars it takes to ink a celebrity endorser.
Your own backyard “celebrity”

Social media marketing and referrals may not be a bad option in lieu of the risk (or cost) of major celebrity.
A Forrester Research survey says about 56 percent of respondents reported friends or family influenced them when they were choosing which brands to purchase in a given category of products. This is no surprise given the power of online reviews and product rankings.

The indisputable take-away regardless of your decision- opinions and testimonials of real people matter and ultimately that is what we look for (supercharged) with a celebrity endorsement.

St. Petersburg Concert Event

The St. Petersburg casting call concert event, May 9th 4-10PM

The city of St. Petersburg, Clear Labs, Sly Bar, Urban Brew, The Hideaway and Three Daughters Brewery will hold a free concert event on May 9th between 4 and 10 PM.  Live music, food and drinks will be available. Come cheer some of St. Petersburg’s finest musical talent as they compete for cash prizes and a recording contract to promote the city!


Let’s Get Social!

If you are a local business that has questions about moving your company into the digital realm you are in luck. Clear Labs will be hosting an educational seminar for it’s Grand Central District neighbors on April 21st.

This event will be a chance for Grand Central District Association members to meet and greet with fellow local businesses and the learn some tricks of the trade from SEO, website, and social media experts. You will learn:

  • Ask Why Not How techniques to focus your message and media toward your goals.
  • What apps and tools are available to help you save time an enhance progress.
  • The true value of a “like”.
  • How to shape your voice and build your brand identity.

This is a fantastic opportunity to get any questions you may have about your presence online answered by qualified individuals in a relaxed environment.

As the Grand Central District looks to kick off a digital campaign of its own, this is the perfect opportunity to better promote your business while also helping the district.

If you have any questions about Clear Labs, or about this event, contact us at We look forward to seeing you there.

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Free(lance) Lunch Friday

We love Freelancers, and we are showing our appreciation for these hard working creatives by offering them a chance to bid on work coming through the lab and meet and mingle with fellow freelancers all while eating a free lunch, something everyone can appreciate.

Our Free(lance) Lunch Fridays will be a chance for graphic designers, web developers, videographers and the like to see some of the exciting projects we have coming up for our diverse client base and will be given the opportunity to sign-up to work on them on the spot.

Lunch will be catered by our sponsors, Urban Brew and BBQ and Sly Bar, and is one-hundred percent no-strings-attached free.

Our first Free(lance) Lunch Friday will take place this Friday, March 13, from 12pm to 1:30pm. Those interested in seat in the Lab are also welcome to attend.

We hope to see you there.

  • 3% Conference Super Bowl Tweetup 2015

3% Conference Super Bowl Tweetup 2015

Clear Labs is one of five agencies across the country selected to participate in the 3% Conference Super Bowl Tweetup this year.

The 3% Conference is collaborating with the Representation Project in an effort to shine light on female creatives in the advertising industry and the discrepancies between how women are portrayed in the media, especially during commercials running throughout the Super Bowl. Super Bowl ads often portray women in a very sexualized or degrading manner, and for a market that the NFL estimates is made up of 45% women it is not only sexist, but bad marketing strategy.

By using the hashtags: #3percentSB, #NotBuyingIt, and #MediaWeLike Clear Labs along with 4 other agencies across the country will be able to monitor which ads scored “touchdowns” and which ads were “fumbles”.

Viewers are encouraged to tweet along side us and download their version of the Super Bowl XlIX Tweetup score card to share their opinion of the Super Bowl ads.

For more information on Clear Lab’s participation the 3% COnference and Representation Project’s Super Bowl Tweetup visit the link below.