The Price of Celebrity

Think Michael Jordan and you may think Nike, Gatorade, or Hanes. William Shattner will inspire you to up your negotiation game ala Priceline while Sex in the City’s Sarah Jessica Parker attempted to make Gap a fashion forward choice.

But Bill Cosby was the famous face and voice for Jell- Uh- Oh.

And Tiger Woods took a swing at endorsements but led over 10 brands (who were using him all at the same time) like Tag Heuer, American Express, Gillette, and Buick into the sand trap.

In 2013- our own CLEAR LABS hired Ryan Lochte for Yogurtology to launch a new line of flavors and give to charity with success.

But three years later, Lochte is fighting for his name and fame after the RIO 2016 scandal. Pine Bros. Cough drop company decided he was Gold immediately thereafter deciding he should be a spokesperson for the – ahem- “forgiving on your throat” product. CLEAR still loves working with Ryan (for the record) But, it made us take a deeper look into the risks and benefits of celebrity endorsements.


Pros (and we’re not talking sports)
• Can help Build brand equity and enhance recognition
• Can help give a product credibility
• Help people remember ads
• Connect to a personality or perception
• Make people believe the product contributes to their own superstar status.
• Stand out from the competition
Con’s (be careful- some are)
• People change. Your brand may be forever linked to that “used to be great” person
• People are people and people do stupid things.
• Limits to the brand pivot. You are forever aligned with that personality- or at least it takes a long time to convince people otherwise
• Your brand can be forgotten under the shadow of the celebrity


Okay, so lets say you weighed out the pro’s and cons and decided it was worth the plunge.
Your brand is your company asset. Don’t give it away to anyone. Advertisers need to select celebrities who represent the image and promise of their brands- well. Very well. One size wont fit all.

For example, when Sarah Jessica Parker signed with GAP her role on Sex in the City presented her as a style diva- haute couture- bring on the shoe closet. This didn’t relate to Gap’s consumers. They quickly replaced her with Keith Urban but oh the cost of that change.

Will you make money? No doubt the value of a celebrity endorsement can be recognized in terms of a sales spike. But it wont come cheap. It takes time and repetition for association to occur. Celebrity endorsements are not short-term tactics. And thus, they are often costly in dollars and cents.

Most advertisers can’t afford the millions of dollars it takes to ink a celebrity endorser.
Your own backyard “celebrity”

Social media marketing and referrals may not be a bad option in lieu of the risk (or cost) of major celebrity.
A Forrester Research survey says about 56 percent of respondents reported friends or family influenced them when they were choosing which brands to purchase in a given category of products. This is no surprise given the power of online reviews and product rankings.

The indisputable take-away regardless of your decision- opinions and testimonials of real people matter and ultimately that is what we look for (supercharged) with a celebrity endorsement.

Take Flight with Clear Labs


Clear Labs will make just about anything happen for a client. Just ask Fitlife Foods. When they came to us looking for an extremely fun way to get people active and healthy, we thought big and dreamed up a 120 yard, 360 foot zip line that would run down nearly 4 city blocks of downtown Tampa. We had a DJ, rock wall and an after party event as well. But we couldn’t do it alone. To bring this innovative feat to a reality, we partnered with our favorite event gurus at Big City events in Tampa. Together, we combined our big ideas with an enormous amount of resources and project management and made Fitline hugely successful. We had a phenomenal turnout and everyone had a blast. We are so honored that we had the opportunity to bring this crazy event to life. We had so much fun at the Fitline event and cannot wait to take the flight again.


Browse photos from the event by clicking here

Watch our fearless leader, Jenn Greacen fly across downtown Tampa:


The Clear Agency’s Design Wins PPC Award



BIO BAG International, the world’s largest brand of certified compostable bags and films was recently awarded the Boxmaker Award for the 2013 North American Paperboard Packing Council for their “Pet Waste Bags”.

The design of the packaging was created by our very own talented Clear Agency Team.

The Clear Agency worked with Bio Bag International, a fully compostable Biodegradable waste product system made entirely of corn for the production of several new packaging concepts to bring to the United States including these pup friendly doggy waste bags.

The North American Paperboard Packing Council judges entries based on several categories including creative design, printing and converting, and structural design. The Council also judges based on the package’s impact on production, manufacturing, distribution, brand enhancement, retail shelf life and other criteria as well.

The Boxmaker Award is awarded to packages that received a high overall point score according to PPC judging criteria. BioBag’s packaging received the Award alongside other winners like Budweiser Lumber Jack, Bacardi Bombay Sapphire Canister, Game of Thrones, Vitoria’s Secret and L’oreal.

Bio Bag’s products are recognized for their environmentally friendly manufacturing and design. The materials used have been certified in several categories including ASTM D 6400 and is FDA approved. For over 10 years Bio Bag has dedicated their business to providing environmentally friendly products for consumers.

visit florida logo

Clear Receives Telly Award for VISIT FLORIDA Campaign


Studio C, a social video production division of The Clear Agency, has added a Bronze Telly Award to their collection! Under the creative direction of Tim Fowler and Executive Direction of Agency CEO Jenn Greacen, the Three for Free Giveaway campaign gained national exposure to the VISIT FLORIDA brand along with this prestigious award.

The 33rd Annual Telly Awards received over 12,000 entries from all 50 states and 5 countries. Clear’s Studio C was awarded the Telly for their VISIT FLORIDA’s Three For Free Giveaway video which supported a sweepstakes delivered entirely via social media. DDB Miami/Alma DDB, a division of DDB Worldwide originally tapped The Clear Agency’s Studio C in a collaborative effort to develop the social media creative for the sweepstakes. Throughout the campaign, Clear AgencyStudio C managed all the creative for this high-profile, statewide sweepstakes from conceptualization to implementation which resulted in over a million hits onYouTube and an increase of Facebook ‘Likes’ by over 250,000.

oreo header

Look Who’s Trending…Oreo!

Advertisements have become as synonymous with The Super Bowl as football itself. But this year’s event set a new precedence for brands and marketers alike.

It was the blackout seen across the US – but it was the tweet “retweeted” around the world. Brands positioning themselves parallel to current events isn’t a new concept, but few (if any) have capitalized the way Oreo did during the 2013 Super Bowl blackout. A colleague of ours joked, “this would be a good time for a TECO ad”, but it wasn’t an electric giant that stole the show. Within minutes of the darkened Super Dome, Oreo tweeted a clever picture with the caption, You can still dunk in the dark (pictured above).

As with any successful strategy, a timeline must be established. The same holds true for your social strategy. One of the first initiatives we discuss with our clients is a social media content schedule, preparing them with engaging content to advance in. However, while certain events and holidays can be incorporated into your posting schedule, you can never plan for everything. While you may not have a creative team of designers on hand, you can tap into your own whit and industry expertise to create an impactful statement. Don’t think this trend applies to your business? Think again!

As with most things social, this trend has gone viral. Big brands are swarming current events, resulting in a much higher barrier of entry. Enter… the small business. While it may be difficult for a national brand to make an impact, small businesses can tap into their relatively targeted and limited audiences. Less social competition results in a higher reach.

Tips to get trending:

  • As in all things social – don’t be too eager or post too often. Your customers are smart, and while studies show they tend to trust your social pages over other marketing materials, you don’t want to spook them. Just because an event is taking place, doesn’t mean you need to flood your fans with commentary. Rather, focus on one instance that can be related and use this to post your message
  • Use a hashtag (#) when tweeting in relation to an event or mention the event in a Facebook post, both will increase your visibility and reach
  • Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, BE WITTY. It would have been appropriate for TECO to take advantage of the Super Bowl blackout, but less obvious for Oreo. Think outside of the box and get creative, chances are, these are the types of posts that will go viral
    We can help! Find us on Facebook or Twitter and ask us how we can help get you trending